The Microwelder is a compact, portable gas generator producing an oxygen and hydrogen mixture cheaply from distilled water.

The gas is passed through methyl ethyl ketone to a torch tip to give not only an extremely hot flame – up to 1850°C – but one which is sufficiently clean to ensure that the workpiece is not contaminated. Detachable torch tips are supplied to enable the operator to vary the precise size and direction of the flame for optimum results. Using only a standard electrical supply, the flame polishers high temperature flame is produced from small volumes of gas supplied at low pressure. No storage or compression of gas is therefore necessary and its operation involves no cumbersome cables. Running costs (electricity, distilled water and MEK solvent) amount to only a few pence per day. The Microwelder is supplied complete and ready for use with a range of nozzles for all types of acrylic finishing. Extra nozzles, MEK solvent and replacement spares are readily available.

How will it help you?

In addition to significant labour & cost savings, and taking the sheer hard work out of polishing tasks, the flame polisher brings the following advantages: The Microwelder is particularly well suited in all applications where a high degree of cleanliness and close flame control is required. Ideal for welding difficult-to-handle metals, it can be used for making all types of thermocouple junctions, annealing, spot welds and connecting terminals, as well as brazing metals, flame polishing of acrylics, hole drilling in hard substances and metal cutting. The flame polisher can also be used as a fine brazing torch for numerous metal joining applications like, for example, brazing bandsaws.