PVC Benders

The Awltech AFF is an easy to operate and very productive automatic machine for thin plastic sheet. One or several sheets can be bent at one time depending on the length of the sheet. Max length of sheet 1350mm.
The machine is supplied with an adjustable in temperature heating element. The heating element can also be controlled in heating time.
The material is heated from above by a Teflon heated profile. Different size profiles are available. A material clamping bar is also provided. The material is held in place by a vacuum system during heating, bending and cooling. The top frame holding the heating element is controlled by a foot switch. After bending or folding, cold air is blown on to the material to speed up the production time.
The angle of the bend can be adjusted from 0 to 180 degrees. The machine comes complete with its own mobile table with breaks for an ideal working height.