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Do you need to carry out welding in a smaller environment?

Luckily there’s plenty of smaller welders available that make this process easier than ever.

Our micro welders are not only highly convenient, they only cost a few pence to run a day. They work by producing an oxygen and hydrogen mixture cheaply from distilled water. Since they’re not labour intensive, it makes welding plastic a much simpler procedure.

With these micro welders, you’ll enjoy significant labour and cost savings.

Awltech PFE Ltd has a number of micro welders to choose from, including the Super A which is both affordable and extremely easy to operate.

If ordered in the UK, it comes supplied with caustic crystals (UK only), torch and assorted tips.

Meanwhile the A Plus can be used by only one operator and uses distilled water and MEK (which is easily available from Awltech).

You’re welcome to come and try any of our microwelders at our showroom in Alton, Hampshire. These are just one of the many plastic fabrication machines we have available.

If you’re looking to buy a quality micro welder, why not check out our latest range today? Or contact our friendly team for more information.