Articles / Looking For The Best Acrylic Bending Machines?

Bending, polishing and finishing plastic is easier than ever with our machines. We have PVC and acrylic bending machines that are extremely easy to use.

Our productive automatic machines are ideal for thin plastic sheets. Since you can bend one or several at the same time, you can get the job done in the quickest way.

Among our range of PVC Benders is the Shannon Automatic Bending Machine AFF 135, which has many great features. It can be used for the manufacture of a number of products. With its digitally controlled temperature and contact time, it’s extremely safe and vacuum systems hold the product in place during work.

With this plastic bending machine, you can easily change the number of degrees. The device can also blast out cold air for a faster cooling time. You can watch a demonstration of how this machine works on our website. Alternatively, please feel free to visit our showroom in Alton, Hampshire. Our friendly staff are happy to show you how it operates.

We have both new and used plastic fabrication equipment to purchase. All second hand machines have been refurbished to the finest possible standards. We’re so confident in their quality that we offer a three-month warranty.

Find out more about our acrylic bending machines or contact our team for more information.