Articles / Flame Polishers With Affordable Running Costs

Want to achieve a high gloss finish for clear and transparent acrylic?

Awltech PFE Ltd helps you carry out plastic fabrication and finishing at a low price. We have many quality flame polishers to choose from, all of which are affordable to run. Using electricity, distilled water and MEK solvent, they cost only a few pence per day.

Not only can this technology save you money, it takes the hard work out of polishing tasks.

The best results achieved using our flame polishers are on all grades of clear and transparent acrylic. They can also be used on most opaque acrylics which need a gloss or satin polish. However, some highly pigmented colours from manufacturers might undergo a minor colour change when exposed to the flame.

They can not only polish flat surfaces but recessed areas, holes, grooves and intricate shapes, due to the precision of the flame. You’ll also find large pieces can be polished in-situ without awkward manhandling to buffing mops.

Your workpieces can be polished after fabrication, so there’s no need to polish individual constituent parts of an item in sequence as they are produced.

If you’re looking for flame polishers in the South East, find out more about Awltech PFE Ltd or don’t hesitate to contact our team today.