Articles / Need Plastic Fabrication Equipment For Making Sneeze Guards?

If you need to make sneeze guards or shields, Awltech PFE Ltd has all the equipment you need. We can help you to bend and polish this type of PPE equipment.

Our plastic fabrication equipment is used to finish all types of products, from sneeze guards to plastic tables, jewellery and much more.

Established in 1988, we’ve built up an excellent reputation over the past three decades. We’re constantly adding to our product range to ensure our customers have a great choice of machines. That includes those that are ideal for the manufacturing of PPE equipment and Covid installations, like sneeze guards.

You’re welcome to try any of our machines before making a purchase.

 You’ll find us at the Omni Business Centre, Omega Park, near the village of Alton, just off the A31. Here you can explore our diamond edge polishers, flame polishers, microwelders, PVC and heat benders and much more.

We also have a first-class servicing and repairs division. If you’re having any issues with your machine, we can identify the cause of the problem and make repairs wherever possible. With regular servicing, the risk of downtime will be drastically reduced.

If you’re looking to invest in plastic fabrication machinery, find out more about Awltech PFE Ltd or contact our team for more information.