Articles / Great Deals On Acrylic Line Benders In Hampshire

Need to invest in plastic fabrication equipment in Hampshire?

Simply contact our experts at Awltech PFE for advice on our latest devices.

Among our extensive range are heat and PVC benders that make light work of this often tricky process. Ideal for plastic, including acrylic, they make it safe and easy to bend materials.

We currently have 12 models of heat benders to choose from, including the HR which is ideal for prototype work and small productions. We also have the HR12 which is perfect for single line bending and is constructed with 1 reflector with 1 regulating unit.

Meanwhile our PVC benders include the Awltech AFF, which is easy to operate and a highly productive automatic machine. It is ideal for those bending thin plastic sheets.

You can bend one or several sheets at the same time, depending on the length of the sheet. The maximum length of the sheet is 1350mm.

Since it’s supplied with an adjustable in temperature heating element, you can easily control this variable.

If you wish to have a demonstration of how devices work, our team is always happy to show you at our showroom in Hampshire.

If you’re looking for quality heat benders for your work, simply contact our team for more details.