Articles / Diamond Edge And Flame Polisher Sales In Hampshire

Awltech PFE Ltd is committed to making the process of plastic fabrication more affordable and accessible.  

Whether you’re looking to produce PPE equipment or other types of plastic products, we make it easy to invest in the technology required. Most of our plastic fabrication machinery is easy to use, affordable to run and highly efficient.

We have a number of different flame polishers to choose from, with our sales team always happy to offer more details.

Compact and portable, flame polishers produce a mixture of oxygen and hydrogen cheaply from distilled water. Producing excellent results for acrylic surfaces, they’re highly affordable to run and usually only cost a few pence a day.

One of the advantages of flame polishers is you can easily polish recessed areas, holes, grooves and intricate shapes. This is due to the precision of the flame.

Among this range is the A Plus Polisher which comes supplied with caustic crystals (UK only), torch and assorted tips.

Our latest products also include a tabletop Diamond Edge Polisher, the Box, which produces high quality finishes.High affordable to everyone no matter how small a company, operators can polish small pieces or for the final touch of a technician on-site

If you’re interested in our flame polisher sales in Hampshire, contact our team today.