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Compact, affordable and low in running costs, our flame polishers can be used for only a few pence a day.

Producing an oxygen and hydrogen mixture cheaply from distilled water, these flame polishers will ensure your workpiece is not contaminated. They can be run using a standard electrical supply, with the high temperature flame producing small volumes of gas supplied at low pressure.

Nor do you require the storage or compression of gas, and the operation involves no cumbersome cables. Furthermore, the use of the flame polisher is a one-step, final finishing operation which requires no awkward cleaning afterwards.

All our flame polishers come supplied ready for use with nozzles for all types of acrylic finishing. We also have replacement parts that are readily available.

You can use our flame polishers on all grades of clear and transparent acrylic, with the devices ideal for creating a high gloss finish.

For instance, using them on opaque acrylics will provide a gloss or satin polish. However, certain highly-pigmented colours from some manufacturers may undergo minor colour change when exposed to a flame.

Workpieces can be polished after fabrication, so you won’t need to polish individual constituent parts of an item in sequence as they are produced. If you want to see how these devices work, you’re welcome to visit our showroom in Hampshire.

Find out more about our latest flame polishers or don’t hesitate to contact our team today.