Articles / Looking For An Affordable Jewellery Welder In Hampshire?

Whether you manufacture jewellery, PPE equipment or children’s toys, Awltech PFE Ltd has everything needed to make manipulating plastic easier.

Bending and finishing plastic is quick, easy and safe with our range of machines. Whether you need to get rid of ragged edges or bend plastic into unique shapes, we have plastic fabrication equipment to suit any sized space or budget.

Latest products include The BOX, a portable diamond edge polisher which is perfect for tabletops. It’s ideal for polishing acrylic and PMMA workpieces with a high-quality finish.

Meanwhile, with our microwelders you can easily carry out welding even in a more compact space. Perfect for saving money and reducing the amount of labour involved, these popular devices are well suited for applications where a high degree of cleanliness and close flame control is required.

Our microwelders are useful for many different welding applications, including metal cutting and brazing, making them ideal for the making of jewellery. They make working with difficult-to-handle metals much easier.

Microwelders can also be used for making thermocouple junctions, annealing, spot welds and connecting terminals. With various different models to choose from, it’s easy to find the right solution for your needs.

If you’re looking for a jewellery welder for your business, explore our latest products or contact our team today.