Articles / Explore Our Equipment For Acrylic Fabrication

As experts in plastic fabrication equipment, Awltech PFE Ltd has a range of machinery for the use of manipulating acrylic.

Among our range of products is the AFF, a PVC bender which is easy to operate and a great choice for thin plastic sheets.

Capable of bending several sheets at one time, it comes with an adjustable temperature heating element, which can also be controlled in heating time.

Materials are held in place by a vacuum system during heating, bending and cooling. The top frame holding the heating element is controlled by a foot switch. After bending or folding, cold air is blown on to the material to speed up the production time.

Awltech PFE Ltd also have heat benders that are ideal for acrylic fabrication. With eight different models to choose from, it’s easy to find one for your needs and budget.

On our website you’ll find various videos of how our devices work. You’re also welcome to visit our showroom in Hampshire to have demonstrations or to test our equipment out.

If you need to invest in equipment for acrylic fabrication, find out more about Awltech PFE Ltd today. Or don’t hesitate to contact our team for more information.