Articles / Need To Use A Microflame To Finish Plastic Products?

With our range of quality machines, Awltech PFE Ltd takes the hard work out of tasks like polishing plastic.

Our equipment includes those which use a microflame, meaning tasks can be carried out in more compact spaces. A micro flame makes it easy to access tricky areas on your products,such as recessed areas, holes, grooves and intricate shapes, making them much easier to polish. 

Our flame polishers are extremely easy to operate and no polishing compounds are necessary. Using these flame polishers is a one-step, final finishing operation which requires no awkward cleaning afterwards.

These devices are ideal for use on all grades of clear and transparent acrylic, providing a high gloss finish. On most opaque acrylics, they give a gloss or satin polish.

These flame polishers are not only great for awkward areas but large pieces which need to be polished in-situ, without awkward manhandling to buffing mops. Along with being used to polish plastic, it can also be used as a fine brazing torch for numerous metal joining applications. For example, it’s often used for brazing bandsaws.

A micro welder is a wonderful investment if you want to enjoy significant labour and production costs.

If you need to use a microflame for your plastic finishing, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.