Articles / Quality Acrylic Line Benders At Competitive Prices

Work with acrylic and need machines to make the bending process easier?

Simply contact our experts at Awltech PFE for advice on the best solutions for your manufacturing process. Whether you specialise in PPE equipment, furniture or jewellery, we have heat benders to memet a wide range of budgets.

Our line benders make the often tricky bending process much easier. Ideal for manipulating plastic, including acrylic, they make it a safe and risk-free process.

We have many different heat benders available, including the HRT which comes with a calibrated back stop, and can achieve 4 bends at the same time. It’s perfect for all applications when you only need to heat from one side.

Other products include the FBN, a semi-automatic bending machine for the large production of bended items from thin plastic sheets. You can view a video of how this model works on our website. Like all of our devices, it’s easy to control the level of heat you use.

If you wish to have a demonstration of how any of our devices work, our team is always happy to show you at our showroom in Hampshire.

If you’re looking for heat benders for use with acrylic, simply contact our friendly team for more details.