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Flame polishers are ideal for use on all grades of clear and transparent acrylic, giving them that irresistible high gloss finish.

Awltech PFE Ltd has a number of quality flame polishers to choose from, all of which are highly cost-effective. When you take into account all their running costs, they should only be priced a few pence a day.

Whether you’re looking to invest in a flame polisher or wish to use our services, Awltech PFE Ltd promises a friendly and professional service.

Flames polishers that come with everything required.

All our flame polishers come supplied complete and ready for use with a range of nozzles for all types of acrylic finishing. That includes extra nozzles, MEK solvent and replacement parts which we always have available.

These flame polishers take the hard work out of this type of task, enabling you to complete large amounts of polishing on a daily basis with ease.

Flame polishers are just one of the plastic fabrication equipment we have available on our website. You’re welcome to visit our showroom to explore everything we have to offer. Based near the market town of Alton, we have an excellent reputation and pride ourselves on great customer service.

If you’re interested in our flame polisher services, simply contact our team for more information today.