Articles / Why Invest In One Of Our Microwelders?

If you want to save time and money, micro welders are excellent for carrying out polishing tasks. They’re both highly affordable and don’t involve any intensive labour. Furthermore, they’re also small enough to fit even the tightest space.

The main advantages of buying a micro welder include:

  • They can provide a high degree of cleanliness and are ideal for applications where a close flame control is required.
  • The fact they can be used to weld difficult-to-handle metals. For instance, thermocouple junctions, annealing, spot welds and connecting terminals
  • They can also be used for brazing metals, flame polishing of acrylics, hole drilling in hard substances and metal cutting.
  • The flame polisher can be used as a fine brazing torch for numerous metal joining applications.

Awltech PFE Ltd has three different models of micro welders to choose from, including the A Plus, Super A, and model B. All can take the hard work out of flame polishing.

Our team also offers repairs and maintenance services to keep devices in great condition.

If you’re looking for quality microwelders in Hampshire, simply contact our team for more information.