Articles / Need To Invest In An Affordable Jewellery Welder?

Whether you manufacture PPE equipment, jewellery or plastic storage solutions, Awltech PFE Ltd has equipment to make your job easier.

Our latest products include THE BOX, a portable tabletop machine ideal for polishing acrylic and PMMA workpieces. It provides a high-quality finish that will make your products look professional.

PMMA is popular as a lighter, shatter-resistant alternative to glass. Easy to produce and cost-effective, it’s used in everything from dentures and bone implants to aquariums. THE BOX makes it more affordable than ever for smaller businesses to carry out diamond polishing.

Even the smallest pieces, such as plastic jewellery, are easy to finish using this device. It comes complete with a chip suction system and its price is accessible to even the smallest company.

Based in Alton in Hampshire, Awltech PFE Ltd has both new and reconditioned plastic fabricating equipment available. All our refurbished equipment is in great condition and comes with a three-month warranty. These devices can also be found on our eBay store.

You’re welcome to visit our showroom in Alton if you wish to try our microwelders or other equipment.

If you need to buy a jewellery welder, don’t hesitate to contact our team for more information.