Articles / Enjoy Easier Perspex Polishing With Our Machines

Preparing plastic products is a smooth operation using one of our machines.Whether you specialise in PPE equipment, packaging or children’s toys, Awltech PFE Ltd has equipment for people on a wide range of different budgets.

Whether you need a machine for finishing, cutting or bending plastic, you’ll find them among our range. Among our collections are machines for polishing safely to the finest standards.

Take the hard work out of polishing tasks.

Our flame polishers are compact, portable gas generators which produce an oxygen and hydrogen mixture from distilled water. This is a cheap process which can save you significant amounts of money during the polishing process.

These machines are ideal for recessed areas, holes, grooves and intricate shapes, since they can easily be polished due to the precision of the flame. Large pieces can also be polished in-situ without tricky manhandling to buffing mops. You won’t require any polishing compounds and the flame polisher involves a one-step process. Nor will you have to worry about awkward cleaning afterwards.

There are also additional operator kits available which enable increased output from the same unit. We also have a range of other plastic fabrication equipment to choose from.

If you’re booking for perspex polishing machines, explore our latest models or contact our team today.