Articles / Interested In Investing In A Micro Welder In 2022?

The best plastic fabrication equipment is safe, easy to use and makes light work of bending or finishing this material. A micro welder is fantastic for working on those hard-to-reach areas and is extremely affordable to run.

Our microwelders work by gas passing through methyl ethyl ketone to a torch tip to give not only an extremely hot flame.  This can heat up to 1850°C although you must ensure your workpiece is extremely clean, so it won’t be contaminated.

You use detachable torch tips which enable you to vary the size and direction of the flame. This means micro welders can deliver highly precise results.

Using only a standard electrical supply, the high temperature flame is produced from small volumes of gas, supplied at low pressure. You won’t have to worry about storing or compression of gas. Nor does the operation involve cluttering your space with cables.

Want to try out our microwelders before you make a purchase?

If you’re based near Hampshire, simply book an appointment to view our machines at our showroom at Omega Park in Alton. Our friendly staff are happy to talk you through the options we have available.

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